The Bitch Project: A Pop Culture Retrospective

The Bitch Project: A Pop Culture Retrospective

As was stated in a previous post, we are well of aware of the controversy our name generates. It’s actually our favorite part about the name, and is part of the reason we chose it. Music is about challenging the status quo, and it should be done with flair and personality.

As a response to some of the reactions we received to the name, we have created The Bitch Project. The segment illustrates the use of the word “bitch” in pop-culture. The clips represent the entire musical spectrum; from Miles Davis and Johnny Cash, to Frank Zappa and Jay-Z. The word appears in an array of contexts. Some instances admittedly could be seen as derogatory.  However, I will say that I don’t believe any of the artists intended the word as demeaning, and in many instances it is paid as a compliment to a strong woman. That said, the overwhelming majority of the clips don’t even reference women at all.

The goal was to illustrate that it is pointless to be offended by something as trivial as a bad word. Words are merely sounds we create with our mouths, and as we all know, they can never hurt you. The only thing that makes them “naughty” is our societal agreement to be offended by them. Why did we make a bunch of words we’re not allowed to say in the first place?

In it’s present state, the word bitch is used as a placeholder for anything undesirable. It is also used to describe something that is spectacular or novel (as in, “those guitar straps with the capo holsters are bitchin’ dude”). For an excellent reference on all of the uses of the word (some that will certainly surprise you) visit the urban dictionary.  Let’s not let one use of the word spoil the fun of it (after all, it is so much fun to say).

So, if you’re offended by the word, lighten up for a minute and watch the movie. If you are still offended after (probably more offended I would guess), then write you’re angry/rude comments below and we’ll pick our favorite and send the winner a free t-shirt (please include you’re size to be qualified).

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